Welcome to Gym Industries! Let’s get to know each other in one of the most rustic, modern, medium-sized gyms in Haarlem.

When you enter our gym, you’ll immediately notice the Matrix machines. These were newly acquired in the summer of 2023! As you turn the corner, a large space opens up with a boxing ring in the center. We are one of the few gyms in this area with a functioning boxing ring. Beyond the boxing area, we offer small group training on the green mat. It’s personalized, allowing us to focus on technique and create a great atmosphere. Prefer personal training? It’s always available upon request! After your workout, you can take a shower before you leave. Our gym is easy to reach, and you can park for free for up to 2 hours in front of the door, as long as you don’t arrive on a bicycle. You can start working out at our gym from the age of 18!


Gym Industries was founded in 2013 and has been owned by Mick Koers since 2020. “After working for the police for eight years, my heart was elsewhere. Just before Corona started, I took over Gym Industries. After a good but challenging start, I’m still very happy with it! With my passion for sports, I hope to inspire and motivate our members. Sports is more than just moving; it’s part of a healthy physical and mental lifestyle. That’s why there’s always motivation to find a sport that suits you. Another important goal is to keep the gym personal. I know everyone, and people come to exercise not only for the offerings but also for the ‘not overcrowded’ gym. I’ll continue to watch out for that. Sports is relaxation, which can happen almost any time of the day here.

Together with my team, we do everything we can to make sure you enjoy your workouts in our gym!”
– Mick


Small group training, Personal training, fitness


Work behind the scenes, Small group training, but(t) most BBB


Boksen, kickboksen, personal training, boks clinics


Small group training, Personal training fitness


Boksen, kickboksen, Small group training, Personal training, fitness


Small group training, personal training fitness


Boksen, kickboksen, personal training